Game Music and Sound

Hey There

This is Ugurcan.

I provide music and sound effects for video games. My soundtracks and audio work featured in over 30 successful games to this day.

I also offer technical help for any kind of interactive media. I worked on many VR and Installation projects. Besides, I’m a chief audio consultant for a up-and-coming game engine.

In my spare times, I work on my own little games. You can check few over One of my prototypes, Light Fantastik, has developed into a full game by my friends.

Time to time, I help organizing the only Game Developer Meeting in Ankara named Sandbox. If you are a Game Dev residing in Ankara, come join us!

My side project “Türkiye Üzerinde Oynanan Oyunlar” inspired many academic works but never got any attribution.

If you are looking for some rad music or cool sound effects for your game, please contact me!