Hey there,

This is Uğurcan, Audio Director for video games.

As I see it, soundscapes are the biggest piece of the puzzle of materializing the game world. I help game developers utilize the power of sound and music to create immersive worlds and stories for their players.

Since 2011, I worked in every part of the Audio Producing pipelines for video games. I composed music, designed sounds, implemented audio, produced soundtracks, directed teams of audio talents to achieve best results. I take joy in working with programmers and game designers to push the limits of what's achievable. My audio work featured in over 30 games to this day.

I like to work on my own little games in my spare times. You can check few over itch.io. One of my prototypes, Light Fantastik, has developed into a full game by my friends.

I also develop Game Audio tools for personal and public use in Python, C#, Lua and C++. These tools simplify workflows for Audio people in many ways. You can find some of these over my GitHub page.

Time to time, I help to organize the only Game Developer Meeting in Ankara named Sandbox. If you are a Game Developer residing in Ankara, come join us!

My side project "Türkiye Üzerinde Oynanan Oyunlar" inspired many academic works but never got any attribution.