1 Hour Composing Challenge #2 - Metal Fork

December 26, 2018


Today I've done the 1 Hour Composing Challenge second time. This time, I wanted to wander further away from my comfort zone and tried to compose a track in a genre I have very little experience with - except for listening.

This week's track is a Metal one. In an hour, I successfully wrote a chorus, a bridge and a solo, yet couldn't get everything in the place before the timer runs out. It's a short piece around 45 seconds. I think I could do better if I did followed my timing schedule.

So, here's the thing!

"Metal Fork" isn't the brightest name, but I had to find a name that's not like "Project 0002b"

I know this might not be an enjoyable track as is, but I'd like to see if this can grow on me and still want to hear it next week.

Lately I thought about organizing this in a bigger scale, but so far most of the comments I got emphasized this is a very hard challenge to do. I know working under a timer's stress is not really everyone's cup of tea. Still, if you are interested in this, just leave a comment!